What is email marketing? Your Detailed Guideline. 

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What is email marketing? Your Detailed Guideline. 

Guys, what is email marketing? Electronic mail is known as Email. Email is the most common and most used platform for communication. Within a second you can send your email anywhere in this world. Not only this, with your email you can send documents, pdf, images, etc to anyone. According to the Direct marketing Association, – In the USA, by using this marketing the return on investment in businesses on average is 4300%. Can you imagine the power of this marketing? 

Yes, this is the real truth. It can grow your business and can bring a high impact on ROI.  If you want to increase your business growth you need some email marketing tools and some effective email lists.

Before going to discuss our main topic we need to know its definition.

Email Marketing Definition. 

Generally, The process of giving advertisements through email is called email marketing. At present this marketing is the most popular and most used communication system among all other communication systems. 

Day after day the use of this method is increasing rapidly. And in the future, it could be the main and most powerful method to communicate with your audiences. 

To clarify this marketing process we need to see other definitions-

Wikipedia says- 

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations. 

Let’s see what Mailchimp says –

The use of e-mail within your marketing efforts to promote a business’s products and services, as well as incentivize customer loyalty. It is a form of marketing that can make the customers on your e-mail list aware of new products, discounts, and other services.

So I hope this method is clear to you.

Types of Email Marketing 

Generally, there are many types of this marketing. Some common and most used email marketing systems are listed below-

  1. Welcome Email: Primary communication with initial contacts seem to be inready to do business. According to a research 25% leads are ready for sale where 50% leads are standard but not re ady for sale. 

Do you know welcome emails have the power to give you a better click-through rate?  In a welcome email people or organizations just introduce themselves, not their brands or products. 

  1. Email Newsletters: It is a very popular way to stay on your audiences. It has become the foundation of maximum industrial businesses. They also have many marketing tools to show you their business progress, offers, programs etc. Bloggers are also used to using this email newsletters for customer subscription. What can you do with email newsletters? Check these –
  • You can create brand awareness
  • Repurpose your content
  • You can diverse your content 
  1. Dedicated Emails: What is dedicated email? The email which gives you information about only one selected thing is known as dedicated email. That means you know only about one offer from this email. In most cases dedicated emails are near to landing pages. Check some advantages of dedicated emails below-
  • It is very easy to build
  • You can directly focused on call-to-action
  • It is fast to measure
  1. Lead Nurturing Emails: Well, what is lead nurturing emails? Does it work with lead? Let me say something. Generally lead nurturing emails contain many useful contents. And in most cases this type of email provides more advantages than normal email. Check some advantages of lead nurturing emails- 
  • This is an automated system
  • Send emails timely 
  • You can target your right audiences
  1. Sponsorship Emails: Sponsorship email is a little bit different from the emails I have mentioned above. To reach new audiences, to get more leads, to do more advertising you should go for a sponsorship email. Basically sponsorship email is a paid marketing system. For your brand promotion, brand promotion, content promotion with this type of email marketing you have to pay. That’s it. 

What are the advantages of this system? Check some advantages below- 

  • To get EXACT ROI ( Return On Investment )
  • It is highly targeted 
  1. Transactional Emails: To discuss transactional email I’ve to give an example. Hehe, Suppose you want to buy a course. For this reason you sign up on a website to buy this. After signing up you will get an email to complete your transaction. And then you will get all log in details.This whole thing is done by transactional email. 

With transactional email, you can get a high CTR ( Click Through Rate ). 

  1. Brand Story Emails: Heeee? What is it? What is a brand story email? Want to attract your clients to your offer/business/program? You need to apply a storytelling method to do this. Because it is the most powerful tool. And it will be more meaningful for you if you have a story behind growing your brand. 

Does it have any advantages? Yes, it has. Check below-

  • It is not a spam 
  • It creates emotional connection with your brand

Advantages Of Email Marketing 

It makes our communication easy, especially for business purposes. We can share any business-related things with our customers easily within a second. However, this marketing system has some advantages too. Now I am gonna share these advantages. Check below-

  1. It is cost-effective. Really? Yes guys, the cost of this marketing method is lower than other marketing systems. This is why the uses of email for brand awareness, brand promotion are increasing rapidly. 
  1. It is easily shareable with others. You can even share your data within a second with your clients. No matter where you are you can share your important files with your clients at any time. 
  1. Another advantage of this marketing is you can get your right audiences. From this you can create a high lead. 
  1. Flexible design of email makes it more popular to its users. Design of email is really simple and flexible. You can add your files such as doc, pdf, images etc easily with your email. 
  1. It helps you to increase sales. Whenever you send promotional emails or dedicated emails to your customers, many of them will come, check and take your offers. Thus you can increase your sales. 
  1. It is time-saving too. Whenever you want to send any email, you will see it will take less time. Within a short time you can send your email to other people. Again if you have an automation triggered email system, you don’t need to do anything. Your emails will be sent automatically. 
  1. Do you know you can do real time marketing with this? Through your website activity you can reach your potential customers with your right offers.  

How to do email marketing? 

With this marketing method, you can send your offer to thousands of people within a few seconds. Don’t you think that some people will take your offer? Yes, some will do. Just not this, you can do your youtube video promotion by this marketing method. However, I am now gonna share how you can do it. Let’s check – 

It means sending your promotional email to other email holders. To do this marketing you must have to have an e-mail account. You can open your email account with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. 

These email service providers allow you to open your email account for free. Among all of these email service providers, Gmail is used by most people. It is secured too. Gmail is a service of Google. But wait for a minute guys. You can’t send thousands of emails together. Email service providers may block your account showing you the reason for spamming. So what will you do? 

Is there any reason? Yes, there are always alternative ways guys. To avoid spamming or to send thousands of emails together you have to use many marketing tools. I have listed some popular and most used email marketing tools below. Check these tools now-

  • Feedburner
  • MailChimp
  • Drip
  • SendPress
  • MailerLite

These are free for use. Or if you want more marketing tools just search on Google. You will get thousands of free marketing tools. So now come to the main point. 

Generally, email marketing has two ways to do its action. These are-

  • Free Method
  • Paid Method

Free Method – How To Do Email Marketing?

In this section, I am sharing with you the free method of email marketing. The most important thing in email marketing is an email list or email contacts. That means you have to collect the email id of the people to whom you want to send your email. Without collecting email lists how can you send your promotional things to other people? Isn’t it a matter of thought? 

But you can do it without any cost. If you have a blog or website you can collect emails from your blog/website. You can collect these by using email newsletters/subscription options. But it will be better if you use business email for email marketing. It is more trustworthy. 

Paid Method – How To Do Email Marketing?

Hope you already understand this. In this method, you have to do any single thing you want. In this method, you have to buy email marketing tools for your business and work purposes. With email marketing tools you can do your marketing smoothly. 

No matter what method you are going to place for your marketing plan it will be better for you if you look at these things I’ve listed below- 

  • Sign up in some free marketing tools
  • Create your business email id for a better purpose of your business promotion 
  • Collect other people’s email id, make an email list by using a free or paid method.
  • Send emails to your receipts by using it’s tools.
  • Mention your offers, do your promotion inside your email. Do it in such a way so that you can grab your customer’s attention. 

Email Marketing Templates

So, you are ready to do email marketing for your business purposes or for your brand promotion. Am I right? Okay. If you check these email templates, I think they can bring a good result to you. Wanna have a look baby? I just mention their names and a little bit about these templates. You can find a lot in google searches. Do your search on google. Okay? 

It is a very popular EM template nowadays. Do you know Mailchimp has 100+ predesigned email templates for this type of marketing? 

After MailChimp, it is also a good platform for you to do electronic-mail marketing. It has 50+ marketing templates for you. Choose any one from these templates for your marketing. 

Beefree is another free platform for free email templates. It has 20+ free templates for you. Interesting thing is, they not only have templates for business purposes but also for different types of occasions. 

Colorib is a wonderful platform for templates. It has 35+ free templates. You can download these marketing templates for free. Anyone can download these marketing templates from their website. To download your free templates you need to subscribe to their website. Sign up is not a hard thing guys. Check it out. 

Email Marketing Course

I have discussed many things about email marketing. You may ask me a question like this – I don’t know how to do email marketing. How can I do it? Well, I’ve said above there is always an alternative. If you don’t know how to do email marketing you can do a course of it. With a proper course, your idea of email marketing will be clear. 

You can learn in two ways. 

  • Free method 
  • Paid Method 

Free Method –

With a free method, you can do email marketing courses for free. To do this you have to check on Google. Just search on google. Google will show you thousands of results within a seconds. Check all of these. Select your desired one and start learning. I’ve listed some free courses below – 

Email Marketing Basics – Google Digital Garage 

Email Marketing Made Easy for Beginners  

Email Marketing Course – Get Certified In Email Marketing

Paid Method –

In the paid method, for any course, you have to pay. You can learn courses online by paying the course fee. Or you can learn from any reputed institution. Here I have listed some paid courses for you – 

Basic To Advanced Email Marketing

The Complete MailChimp Course 

Email Marketing PDF

Here is your other learning system. You can learn it for free with pdf. You will find tons of PDFs about email marketing online. Download these and start your journey to become an email marketer. 

Guys, in this section I am sharing some common pdfs about this marketing system with you. Check below- 

Email Marketing Tutorial – Email Marketing PDF 

Email Marketing Success – Email Marketing PDF 

A Conceptual Model For Email Marketing – Email Marketing PDF 


Guys, Today I’ve shared many things about this marketing method. Hope you guys got a clear idea of email marketing. If you see any mistake just comment below. See you in my next article. Till now take care. 

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