What is dropshipping business? [ Your Detailed Guideline ]

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Guys, dropshipping is becoming very popular day by day. People are loving it. Why so? It is because without any warehouse and with a little investment you can run a successful dropshipping business if you just follow proper steps to start this business. But to do that you need to know about this business in detail. This is why our today’s discussion is – ”What is dropshipping business?” You will get a better idea from this discussion. Let’s start.

What is Drop Shipping Business?

Dropshipping is –  you keep information and products in your store. Customers come to your store and order anyone from these products. Then you buy this product from your supplier and handed it to your customer. This whole process is called Dropshipping. 

If I go for short – Drop Shipping means to sell products by keeping information about them on your website/blog. Basically, it seems like Affiliate marketing but there are many differences between these two marketing systems. I will discuss these in my other article. 

Let’s see what Wikipedia says  – Drop shipping is a form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock. Instead, in a form of supply chain management, it transfers the orders and their shipment details to either the manufacturer, a wholesaler, another retailer, or a fulfillment house, which then ships the goods directly to the customer. 

So I think the basic thing is clear now. Now the question is How much you can generate from Dropshipping?  Or can you generate money from Dropshipping? 

Yes, Let’s check the discussion below- 

Generate money from Dropshipping. 

Are you interested in Dropshipping?  if your answer is Yes, you need to have an E-commerce website for this. Or you can run your business Through your Facebook page. But guys, if you go for the website you have to find a unique domain name for your business. You can.run it with WordPress. 

You may ask why WordPress?  Because it is the most used customization worldwide.  And day by day the importance of WordPress is increasing.  Many new features, easy to apply methods are included in WordPress. Regarding all of the advantages, in my point of view WordPress is the best way to maintain and handle your Dropshipping website. 

Why do Dropshipping businesses? 

A question may come to your mind like why you should do Dropshipping business while there are many profitable businesses available. What is in this business? 

There is an important thing you should know – you will get many opportunities in online business. And Dropshipping is one of them. So guys I am gonna share some advantages of dropshipping business below by which you can understand why you should do Dropshipping business.  

  1. No Invest :All of us know that, to do any kind of business you must have to invest in it.  But is it the same for dropshipping?? The first and the most important thing is There is no investment in this business.

On the other hand,  without investment, you can make money from this business. Now you have a question for me. 

“I am doing a business but why I Don’t have to invest? Is it fair?” 

Yes, Let me give you your answer. In the Dropshipping business,  you Don’t need to buy any products. Whenever a customer places an order for any product you just need to deliver this product from any other store or from any other market. That’s it. The main thing is – just ensure that you provide what exactly customers want. Just do it and you will get a good output. 

  1. You Don’t need any place or warehouse: Yes that’s true. The biggest advantage of dropshipping business is you Don’t have to pay for a warehouse. Because everything you do in this business is over online. It almost seems like an e-commerce business. But No.

If you run an e-commerce business you have to think of a warehouse,  you have to pay for the warehouse. You have to Maintain your warehouse products. But in Dropshipping, you Don’t need to do all of these things, you do for e-commerce.  Is it clear bro? 

  1. It’s an online business: Guys, we are living in a modern era. Maximum things we are doing are online based. Dropshipping is also an online based business. That is why you can run it from your laptop by sitting anywhere in this world. Again, You can run your business from your home. So it is clear that no matter where you are, you can run your dropshipping business from anywhere through online. 

How to do dropshipping business? 

Already all of you guys learned many things about this business. After hearing all of these you may be eager to start a dropshipping business. Now, I am going to discuss the way of doing dropshipping business. 

If you really want to start a dropshipping business you must have to follow some things for this. Another important thing is – if you don’t pay much attention to it you may be out of your business at any time. Let’s see what these things are. 

  1.  Your targeted product :: As it is like ecommerce business, things you have to do are also like ecommerce tasks. In e-commerce you have to pay attention to your product. Almost like this, in the dropshipping business, you must pay attention to your products. Because you have to work with your products.

So, if you can select the right products, you will get your targeted audiences from this. That’s why selecting the right products is important for a dropshipping business. But one other important thing is product selection depends on you. Select a product that is suitable for you as well as for your work. 

  1. Your Targeted Audiences ::  In your second step, you need to find out your targeted audiences to sell your products. It will make your success easier if you can find your targeted audiences. So, finding targeted audiences is also important for you. 
  1. Promotion of your business: After completing all of these things, you have to promote your business. Just imagine, everybody is promoting their products. They use many platforms for this like facebook, youtube, google ads, magazine ads etc. By promoting your business you will reach many  people. Many people will see your business on their devices. 

Many will come to have a visit to your business. Many will be your permanent customers. ( Not all of the people ). In this digital area, you have to apply a digital marketing system to reach your customers online. Do all you can to promote your business. 

How To Start Your Drop Shipping Business?

I have already discussed this topic above in detail. However, I am gonna start a detailed discussion below. Let’s check it out – 

As you are here, I think you have already done your task. So You are going to start a dropshipping business. After selecting the right products, targeted audiences, you have to make a website like e-commerce for your business. 

As you are going to do a drop shipping business, you have to make a professional website. Now you may ask me a question and this is like – ‘’ I don’t know how to make a professional website. How can I make it?’’ 

You already have your answer. If you are determined to do your business no problem can stop you. You can make a professional website with the help of an expert web designer. For this, you have to pay a little. 

You can make a free website. There are many ways to make a free website. But I think it will not be good for you. If you have a professional website rather than a free website, you can get much attention from your audiences. Just you have to pay a little. To earn some, you have to pay some. Set up your mind for this. 

Earn Money From Your Drop Shipping Business

Guys, all of you know many things about dropshipping. Now time to know how you can make money from this business. 

I am asking you – ‘’ How much can you generate money from this business?’’ To get a clear idea of this I have to give an example here – Suppose you start your dropshipping business. You sell mobile parts and electronic devices on your website. Then, I placed an order ( I want to buy a power bank which is almost BDT 1700.00 ). 

What will you do then? You buy this power bank ( which I want to get ) from another online store at BDT 1500.00 and sell it to me at BDT 1700.00. By selling this you will make a profit of BDT 200.00 

This is how a drop shipping business works. And this is the way by which you can generate your profit.  So how much money you can generate from your dropshipping business depends on how many products you can sell. The more you can sell, the more money you can make.

Advantages Of Drop Shipping Business

Guys, what are the advantages of dropshipping? Don’t you want to know? Yes, if you are a dropshipping business owner, you will get many facilities from it which are listed below- 

  1. You can start your business with a little investment. If you want to do something from home drop shipping can be a good choice for you. You can make a good career through it. 
  2. You can generate a good amount of money from your drop shipping business. By which you can solve your money problem. Not just this,  you can make a huge profit with a little investment. 
  3. Every business has high risk. But drop shipping has not so high risk. If you see you can’t make profit you can stop your business. But in other businesses you can’t stop in the middle after starting your business. So it is a big advantage I think. 
  4. You can do your business from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are you can always be with your business. Just you need a good internet connection and a laptop. 
  5. Moreover, the best thing is you don’t need to be tense about a warehouse. Because you are running your business online. All of the tasks are completed via online. So you don’t have to pay for a warehouse. I hope you got my point. 

Disadvantages of Drop Shipping Business

What do you think? Aren’t there any disadvantages of dropshipping business? Yes, it has. Let’s see some disadvantages of dropshipping business. 

  1. As anybody can run this business with a little investment, so you will get huge competitors in this business. You have to cope up with all of your competitors. You have to pay attention to make the best use of your available opportunities. 
  2. If you can’t make a huge profit, it will make you disappointed. 
  3. Remember, you are not selling your products. If a customer is not satisfied with the product, they will not come back to your website. As a result, you will lose a potential customer. 


Gonna finish my talk. I hope all of you guys understand about this dropshipping business. 

After this, if you have any questions about this, you can share it with a comment. See you in my next article. Till then Ta Da,. 

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