What is Digital Marketing? [ 2/3 Thoughts ]

Detailed information on digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is now a hot cake. At present every small/large business is applying this marketing method. Not only businesses but also organisations are included here. This marketing method helps you to find your targeted audience as well as to increase profit.

So now the question is: What is digital marketing? 

What is digital marketing?

Yeah, To perform digital marketing actions you have to use your online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. So here we knew that online platforms or social media platforms are important to do digital marketing formula. Guys, in short, digital marketing is a process of performing its actions online.

Why online or social media platforms?  It is because maximum people are now involved with these so-called social media platforms. We are now living in such a time where we share every single thing on social media. And among all of these social media platforms, Facebook is the most used social media in this world.

Here I am giving you some information about Facebook.

Digital marketing types (What is digital marketing)

Guys, do you know digital marketing has many types? Yeah, Some common methods of digital marketing are here- 

  1. social media marketing ( facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, reddit marketing etc.)
  2. seo or search engine marketing ( local seo, white hat seo, gray hat seo, black hat seo, negative seo etc)
  3. sem or search engine marketing 
  4. video marketing or YouTube marketing 
  5. Mobile marketing
  6. Cost per click or CPC 
  7. Content marketing ( another hot cake of marketing, specially for blog and websites) 
  8. Viral Marketing
  9. Inbound marketing 
  10. Affiliate marketing 
  11. Email marketing 

All of these marketing methods help you to get larger clients and to build a strong connection with your audiences. So From the above point, we get 2 main facts that we get from digital marketing. These are – 

  1. A large targeted audience
  2. It is cost effective and brings better results than traditional marketing methods. 

Now come to the point. Let’s discuss step by step and get the answer to why you need digital marketing? 

To get visitors to the website

Guys, visitors are the main fact if you want to earn from your blog. No matter how nicely you maintain your blog or create a stylish design for your blog. If there are no. visitors you will not get money from the blog. So for. this is the most important thing to do?

You have to apply SEO to get visitors. Yes, SEO is a great way to bring organic visitors to your blog. Not just visitors, if you wanna rank higher on google search results you have to do SEO. 

Now another question may come here like – what is needed to do SEO? What are the elements we need to do for a blog?

The answer is Content. if a blog has no content you will get no visitors for your blog. It is because you can’t do SEO without content for your blog. Again, if you want to rank higher on google search results you must have content on your blog. 

So here we learn the importance of content for SEO. Again You can’t do content marketing without it. So cool. Seo and content marketing both are part of digital marketing. 

Suppose, you are a company. And now you want to promote your company things or want to do promotional activities of your company quickly and to reach your customer globally. Now you think, what kind of communication you have to apply for your goal.

The answer is Email. You need to do email marketing to get the best audiences for your promotional activities.  Why email?

because email is a super-fast technology by which you can send any kind of file like doc, pdf, etc within a few seconds. and it is easy to read, to download all attachments. 

Nowadays, not only company holders but also every single person is using email for a better communication experience. Besides, in every blog or website email is used to get a targeted audience. If you use email in your blog, users can easily subscribe.

As a result, people will get all of your new articles or promotional blog activities through email. And the things shared between your blog and customer is called email marketing. 

What did we get from the above point? Email marketing is also important to build strong communication with your audiences. 


Guys, we can’t deny the importance of digital marketing. In every sphere of our online activities, we need to do digital marketing. The methods we listed above are the most common and the most used marketing method of digital marketing. 

All of these are important from their perspective. And you have to find out which marketing system is better for you and for your blog/company. 

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