Types Of Social Media Marketing In 2021

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What is social media marketing? 

Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing. It has many types too. The use of social media marketing is increasing day after day. We can’t deny it.  Because users of social media are increasing rapidly. 

In short, a marketing method that is done by social media platforms is known as social media marketing.  We all know about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Many people are running their businesses through social media. 

Let’s see what others say about social media marketing – 

According to Investopedia – 

Social media marketing (SMM) is the use of social media websites and social networks to market a company’s products and services. Social media marketing provides companies with a way to reach new customers, engage with existing customers, and promote their desired culture, mission, or tone. 

So we get – the marketing method that helps you to promote your brand or business activities through social platforms and create a huge audience globally is known as social media marketing. 

types of social media marketing

I have mentioned above that social media marketing has many types. Now I am gonna describe these types in a short below – 

  1. Facebook marketing 
  2. Twitter marketing 
  3. LinkedIn marketing 
  4. Instagram marketing 
  5. Reddit marketing 
  6. pinterest marketing 
  7. YouTube video marketing  
  8. quora marketing 

Guys Let’s check these types of digital marketing in detail.

  1. Facebook marketing : we all know about facebook, the most used social media platform in the world. Day after day the number of fb users is increasing rapidly. In every sphere of our lives we share every single thing on social platforms. And among all of  these social media platforms people spend the maximum of their time on facebook. 

Check some information. 

In research of time spent on social media, US users spend 33 minutes per day on average.  

Again, FB is used to be the best way to do business. Maximum business-minded people run their business through many campaigns via FB. Why? Because Facebook has a large number of audiences.  And through a proper marketing method, you will get your targeted audiences as well. 

  1. Instagram marketing : Instagram is now becoming a popular photo and short video sharing site. People have a great attraction to it. According to a research of time spent,  instagram users are spending 28 minutes per day on this app. 

Again, Instagram has one billion+ monthly active users. So here you can get a great opportunity to do your promotional activities for your blog/company/brand or anything else you want to.  

  1. LinkedIn marketing : Though LinkedIn is a social media platform, it also has some advantages. You can get job opportunities from linkedin. On the other hand, You can directly communicate with the people at the top level of many companies. 

Just these? No, you can do your marketing through LinkedIn. Do you know LinkedIn has 740 million+ active users? 

  1. Youtube video marketing : Don’t you hear about YouTube?  You may ask me what kind of question it is. Because we all know about it and we know what it is. People all over the world spend a maximum of their time watching videos on YouTube. Nowadays people do many tasks through youtube. You can earn money by getting approval from youtube. Just not that, you can promote your brand with a popular youtube channel. BRand promotion, earning money, video marketing everything you can do by youtube.

Whatever, youtube is now an important part of the business. You can promote your brand Through youtube. You can show your ad campaign on youtube. 

And guys, the process of doing marketing through youtube is called YouTube video marketing.  

  1. Pinterest Marketing : Pinterest is another social media platform where you can do your marketing and can get visitors for your blog. Yes, with a proper marketing method you can get real visitors from Pinterest.  
  1. Reddit Marketing : Guys, Reddit is mainly a micro blogging site. You can call it a WEB 2.0 site for backlink. It is the king of all forum sites. There are so many topics and groups here. From this so-called forum posting site you can get your desired visitors for your blog. 

Reddit has a subreddit section. And the subreddit has 3 types of other sections. ( New, Rising, and Hot ). Again, Reddit also has KARMA. Karma means point. It is basically a calculation of upvotes and downvotes on Reddit. 

However, guys, we will discuss all of this in another article. 

  1. Twitter Marketing : Here is another part of social media marketing. Twitter is a social media site like facebook, instagram. The thing you share on twitter is called a tweet. At present, the popularity of this marketing method is increasing. The process of sharing your products or services to your clients via twitter is known as twitter marketing. 

Conclusion:: Guys, in this article I just share a little information about all of these types of social media marketing services. In other articles, you will get every single thing about each of these marketing methods. Hope for the best. 

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