Unable to communicate back with site to check for PHP Fatal errors


Guys, this is a problem I have faced. It wasted my time. Whenever I tried to change some PHP codes of my blogsite, I have faced this problem. Again one of my friends faced this same problem when he went to connect his blogsite with Google Adsense. Then, I also face this again. I have tried many times to connect my blog with Google adsense but failed. After applying many methods, I finally find a easy and effective way to solve this.

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So this is why I thought I need to share this with my subscribers so that they can easily find the solution from my blog.

Today’s topic is all about – ‘Unable to communicate back with site to check for fatal errors, so the PHP change was reverted. You will need to upload your PHP file change by some other means, such as by using SFTP’.

One more thing I need to clear is – this is mainly for these people who are going to connect their blogsite with Google Adsense but unable to do that and face this php fatal error problem. Whenever I drop adsense connecting code on my theme header and click on update file, I see everything is disappear. I find no codes there like the image I’ve added below –

php fatal error issue solution

See???? You may also see this. But don’t worry my dear friend. This article will help you out.

Okay. Let’s start the topic.
The very first question is – What is FATAL ERROR?’

Fatal Error – according to TECHOPEDIA – A fatal error is an error that causes a program to terminate without any warning or saving its state. A fatal error, upon occurring, aborts the application currently running, and may cause the user to lose any unsaved changes made in the program. Exact reasons for fatal errors are very difficult to determine. (Screenshot Added below)

php fatal error

Effects of PHP Fatal Error on WordPress Blogsite –

If you found PHP fatal error occurs on your WordPress blogsite, it will bring significant effects. What are these significant effects? What will happen to your site if you are facing PHP fatal errors? Check the points below as mentioned –

1) You will not be able to change any PHP code. Suppose you are going to update some of the codes of your current themes or plugins. After writing all of your desired codes , you will hit the update button and the system will show you an error message.

2) If you are newbie, going to connect your blogsite with Google Adsense, you will not be able to do this. Why? Becasue the PHP fatal error will block Google Crawlers to crawl your website.

As GC ( Google Crawler ) will not find the adsense connecting code on your site, GC will show you an message showing ‘We couldn’t find the code on your site. This is because the code is either missing or incomplete’.

So this is the big problem I think if you are looking for earning money from Google Adsense.

3) Another problem is that you will find your themes aren’t working properly. You may see your header or footer parts are broken. SO what will you do then? Yes, I know what you will do. You will go for solving this issue.

PHP fatal error problem solution

Now the very important part is going to begin. Whenever people face this issue they will look for the solution. People search on google by writing prompt like these –
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However, you may search and watch many videos on youtube or read many articles for this.

Today I am gonna share a single but effective tip for you. By following this tip I solved my PHP fatal error problem completely. So I think this will also helpful for you guys.

First Step :: At first go to you dashboard. Then click on appearance > theme file editor > header.php . A scene will appear like this –

Do not do any changes here. Just Copy your Adsense codes and paste it between <head></head> tag. See this image above, I’ve pasted my codes there. Now copy all of these codes.

But remember do not click on UPDATE FILE. I repeat don’t click on this. Okay.

Second step is – go to you Cpanel and click on file manager. A scene will come like this –

php fatal error solution

Now click on public html > wp content > themes …. Then select your theme from this option.

Click on your theme and your computer will show you this image I’ve added below –

php fatal error problem solution quickly


Now you are going to finish your task.

Select header.php file and press the right button of your mouse. Select edit option from this.

Then you will see something like this.

In this section you will need to paste the code you have copied before from your admin dashboard, remember?

Just paste these codes here and save it.

That’s all. Now reload your admin dashboard you will see Google adsense connecting code will appear there.

And now you can connect your Google Adsense to your WordPress blog easily. As simple as it. Go to your adsense dashboard and hit the submit button. Adsense will show you a massage- ‘We’ve found your code’ Review Now.

Just click on Review now button. That’s all.


1) Open Admin Dashboard
2) Open header.php from appearance>themes
3) paste adsense code on header
4) copy all the codes from header
5) go to cpanel
7) file manager > public html > wp-content > themes
8) select your theme from themes
9) open header.php file
10) paste your code here and save
11) hit submit button from adsense dashboard, you are all set now.

Conclusion ::

I hope this will help you a lot. When I faced this issue, I have searched a lot, watched many videos on youtube. But most of the times the tricks didn’t work for me. And this is the one that finally works for my blogsite. And then I do everything easily, connect my blogsite with Google Adsense. And the main thing is PHP fatal error gone.

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