How to learn graphic design in 2024 [ Updated ]

In our previous published article, we have discussed graphic design. To those people who still don’t know about graphic design – graphic design is an art of creative process of publishing something visually. 

Graphic design is a very crucial part of digital marketing.  Designs you see for brand promotion, product promotion etc are done through this design method. 

But one thing ro remember in this section – the more creative design you can make, the more value you can create, the more demand you can make. 

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How to learn graphic design? 

Well, this is a good question. As you are here to find its answer, we can assume that you are highly interested in learning graphic design. So Let’s get to the answer. 

Before going to learn this, you need to do something as follows – 

1. Set your mind. 

2. Spend time each day for learning 

3. Practise each day after class 

4. Make a plan to complete your learning properly 

5. Create connections with the Designing community. You can use facebook, linkedin for this. These are very helpful for learning.  

6. Try to solve a problem by searching for it. 

Now let us assume that you want to learn graphic design. And that is why you must gather knowledge of basic, advanced concepts of graphic design. Am I right or wrong? 

Basic Principles Of Graphic Design 

Graphic design is all about creativity. So here you need to show your creative ideas. How can you do this if you don’t have any idea about basic or key principles of graphic design? 

As you are going to learn graphic design, we can assume that you’re a newbie. You must follow these key principles of graphic design – 

  • Proximity
  • Dimension
  • Alignment 
  • Contrast 
  • Space 
  • Colour 
  • Repetition
  • Balance 
  • Hierarchy 
  • Typography 
  • Rules 

Sources – Hubspot  and  Medium .. 

Advance Principles of Graphic Design 

If you know the basic things, you can do your designing tasks easily. And it is natural that those who come to work or to the marketplace without knowing anything of basic concepts of graphic design will stumble step by step. 

Okay, after learning basic concepts you should go for advanced principles. What are these advance principles? Check the listings below – 

  1. Gravity 
  2. Visual Tension 
  3. Reading Priority 
  4. Reading Direction 
  5. Dynamic vs Static 
  6. Activating Negative Space. 

Source : Medium

Ways To Learn Graphic Design :: 

By purchasing courses:: 

Courses are important in order to learn something online/offline. And it will be better for learners of courses offered by experts.  

Experts can easily identify all the problems you will probably face in your learning journey. According to these problems, they will advise you, and will give proper ideas to solve problems. 

You can purchase courses from different types of platforms. Among all other learning platforms Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, Alison are great for learning anything online and for building skills. 

How to identify best graphic design courses online?  

Well, go to your desired website and search for Graphic Design’.  You will see many results like this – 

Now the main question is which one will be good for you? Right? 

Check these – 

1. Check ratings of the courses 

2. Check reviews by others of the courses you want to enroll in. 

3. Check the syllabus of the courses. If it doesn’t fill up your expectations, leave it.  

4. Check the level of your instructor on the platform he is working.  

One more thing to share with you. You can go for both paid and free courses online. Whatever you pick, follow the instructions mentioned above. Don’t hesitate for free graphic design courses online. You will find tons of online free courses. Just find the right one and start learning.  

Learn Directly from Experts:: 

It will be better than anything if you can learn directly from experts. You will get many advantages From them. 

But there is one more thing to share with you. Experts of the graphic design section get less time to teach someone graphic design. They always stay busy with their projects. 

But if you can manage someone it will be a good point for you. 

After managing an expert, your one and only thing to do is stay focused to learn this section. Find problems by yourself and share these with your tutor. 

Learn from Coaching Centre Near You:: 

This is your another option to learn graphic design. If you don’t like to learn from online courses, you can go for this. There are many people who think that learning from a coaching centre will be helpful for them. in order to go through this process you may follow these points for a better outcome – 

1. check if this coaching centre has any experts for teaching 

2. check their previous students’ reviews about them.

3. check those who will teach are new or not

4. check whether instructors have any accounts on the marketplace.  

If you follow these steps and find everything is fine then you can admit yourself to this coaching centre. Otherwise stop admitting yourself there.


If you want to make graphic design your career, master it well and start your work. Graphic design is obviously a good career. So when you learn, you must try your best to learn. Start learning today, not tomorrow. 

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