How to earn money online without investment in 2024?

At the end of the day, we all need money for us and for our family. Am I Right? Money is the most important thing in human life. Can you guys imagine a day without spending money? I think the answer is NO. But now, we are living in such a world where we can earn money online. This is why I’m gonna share my thoughts on How to earn money online without investment ?

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There was a time when people laughed hearing this. But now, look around you, you will find many people are living by making money online. Day by day it is becoming very popular among the younger generation. Many of them take it as their one and only earning source. Can you imagine the importance of it? 

At first, online income seems to be an easy task to you. But my friend, do you know it is not as easy as you think. You have to pay high attention to do something online. However, I will talk about these things later. My today’s discussion topic is ‘‘Earn money online – 20+ Easy Ways To Do’’. 

How to earn money online without investment for beginners 2024?

As you are reading this article, I can say that you are interested in earning money online. That is why you are searching for it over the internet and come to my blog. Today I am going to share 20+ ways of earning with you. And by this you can make a good place for yourself online and can generate money for a long time. But to do so, you have to work smartly. 

Why is online income important?

You may ask me this question to clarify it. Am I right? All of us know that getting a desired job nowadays is too hard. Job market is so competitive that getting a job is like getting GOLD. 

Again, if you have an extra earning source you can get ‘Have a relax’ day at the end of the month. You don’t have to be tense for money. 

Again, if you start freelancing from your school life you can make a better place for yourself online. You can earn extra money from your study life. As well as your working experience will increase, so will your skill. Many people take it as their own living.

Who can make money online? 

Yah, it may be a question. To earn money online you have to work hard and smartly. You have to take all of your opportunities to make the best of it. 

First, you have to know the basics of online income/internet if you want to do it. Now it is a question – ‘what is the basic concept of it?’. Basic concepts means you need to know how to use the internet, how to find anything through the internet etc. And after all, you have to spend your time making money online. Because without developing good skills you can’t go far. 

So what is the most important thing to do? Yes, you get the answer. You need to know the basic concepts of the internet, you have to develop your skills. And then you can go generate money. 

No matter if you are a student, business person or an employee, if you have a proper skill you can earn money online from anywhere in the world. Got it? 

How to earn money online without investment ? Or, How to make money online for free

There are many ways to earn money online. Which one will you prefer? Which one is suitable for you? Yes, you have to find this answer. Otherwise, you can’t feel comfortable doing this. 

So now, I am not gonna longer this discussion. Let’s come to the main point. Check it now-

Real Online Earning Site

  1. Earn from a website/blogging : It is my most favourite earning method of online income. You can do it easily. I know you are thinking – ‘How can I do it?’ . Right? You are thinking – I don’t know how to write code. Then how can I make a website?. Haha, without having the knowledge of coding, you can make a professional website. 

It seems odd thing to you. But this is the truth. You can make a professional website with the help of wordpress. WordPress is a CMS ( Content Management Software ) platform. Here, you can customise your website according to your own wish. For this, you just need to know how to handle WordPress. 

There are many videos available on youtube by which you can learn how to customise your wordpress website. Watch many of these videos and gather knowledge. And then apply your knowledge on your website. Yah, that’s the way. 

To make a professional website, you need to pick a unique domain name so that it  can attract your clients. After that, publish your article on your website. Write unique articles to get approval from Google Adsense. Google doesn’t allow copy paste articles for approval. So be careful. After getting approval you can sell your website at a high price in the market. 

Guys, one more thing for you – why I’ve added this part on How to earn money online without investment. It is because you can earn money from blogging by using is a product of Google. And Google allows you to make money by connecting adsense accounts to your blogger site. 

All you need to do is to link your adsense account and blogger account. That’s it. 

  1. Earn from article writing: What is this? Earn from article writing? Can you just imagine friends? You can earn money only by writing articles. There are many blogs that accept Guest posts from article writers. 

To do this, you have to prepare yourself as a content writer. You have to develop your writing skills. You have to write your articles in such a way so that it can attract your readers. If you can do it, you can go for publishing articles. 

But this is not the end. You have to find your comfortable zone of writing. 

  • What do you like the most? 
  • In which sector do you have experience? 
  • Do you know how to make eye-catching articles? 

  Let me give an example-

Suppose you have a good idea in blogging related things. So If I ask you to write something about blogging you can write it without any hesitation. Am I Right? 

But, if you don’t know anything about blogging then how will you write an article about it? 

Just ask yourself. This is the thing I want to focus specially If someone goes for article writing.

If you are an expert in English, you can make huge money from international markets. You can work all over the whole world. Your skill will take you to the highest place of success. 

  1. Earn From Youtubing: there are no people who didn’t hear the name of Youtube. Youtube is a video sharing platform. Here, people share their videos for many purposes. Many of them share their personal interests. 

Billion Billion people visit youtube in a day. Day by day the popularity of this video sharing site is increasing. But the interesting thing is you can make money from this video sharing site. Yes, Youtube allows you to earn money from their platform. 

To earn from this platform, you have to make quality content. Do not do any copy paste thing here. Do not copy others. If you do so, youtube doesn’t give you monetization. And if you don’t get monetization youtube will not show any ads on your videos. 

So the clear thing is – upload unique videos in your channel, make your channel ready for monetization, show ads on your videos and start earning. 

Another interesting fact is – you can do brand promotion on youtube. If you have a million subscribers people/companies will offer to promote their brands. If you take their offer they will pay you. By doing this you can earn money from youtube. 

  1. Earn From Facebook: Facebook is the most popular social platform in this world. We all have accounts on facebook. Facebook is such a platform where you can share your own thoughts, photos, videos, feelings etc with other people. Even, you can earn from facebook.

Yes, this is very interesting that you can earn from facebook.To do this, you have to create a facebook page and have to follow facebook instructions to get monetization. Without delivering their requirements you can’t get your approval. So your fast and foremost thing to do is complete their requirements. 

What are their requirements if you want to earn from a Facebook page? Your answer is given below- 

  • You have to create a facebook page
  • Need to customise it properly
  • Need to get 1000 follower
  • Videos that are 3 minutes long must have 30000 views in 1 minutes viewed. 
  • Videos under 3 minutes are noy counted for this.

Whenever you fill all of these conditions you can apply for monetization. Facebook will review your page. If there is no problem they will give you monetization. And then you can earn from facebook page.

Not only facebook pages, you can earn from facebook groups. I will discuss these things in another article. 

  1. Earn From Graphics Design: Here is your another online earning income source. Graphics design is one of the most popular earning methods at present. An expert graphics designer has high demand in both international market place and local market place. 

Rather, you can take it as your career. There are many people who are earning a huge amount of money by graphic design from different marketplace.  But to reach this level you have to practise a lot. You can gather your knowledge from youtube or google. 

You can do many courses online. You will find many websites online for this such as udemy, coursera etc. They provide both free and paid courses. You can learn from them. Or you can learn from any expert. 

  1. Earn from Web Design: All of us know that a  web designer works with websites. Nowadays, the importance of having a website is too high. Even many people make their website as their CV. 

You will find a lot of information about this person from his website. Just not this website or blog is too popular to online lovers. Because people can earn money from websites. ( I will discuss this in another article ). 

Again just imagine, whenever you want to know something online, what will you do first? You search your desired thing on google. Then google will show you some search results within a second. On the first page you will get 10 search results. And these 10 search results contain 10 website’s URL article links. Click any of these links, it will take you to the article page. 

So it is clear that a website can contain  information about anything. Just browse Wikipedia and you will get a better idea. Hehe.

However, if you know how to do web design you can make money from it. There are many people who hire web designers to design their website. You can take this opportunity. Or you can work in freelancing marketplaces. There are many online marketplaces such as, people per hour, odesk, fiverr etc. 

Open your account, show your experience, take opportunity and complete their tasks. You will get your money. ( I will talk about earning money from freelancing marketplaces in another article ).

  1. Earn from programming: Yes, you can earn from programming. Nowadays, the use of smartphones and computers/laptops are damn high. It is increasing rapidly. We can do many activities with our little smartphones/tablets. Day by day configuration of these electronic devices is developing. 

In these electronic devices, we can use different types of softwares. But, do you ever think how can anyone make software?

What is required to make better software? Or suppose, you love to play games on computers or smartphones. Did you ever think about how these game owners make these games? What is required to make a game? 

Well, it is all about programming. If you know how to write a program you can command your thinking. There are many programming languages like php, python, java, c++, c# etc. If you are an expert programmer people will hire you with a good amount of facilities. You can work freelance marketplaces. By this way you can make your pocket full. Hehe

  1. Earn from Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is now a hot cake to many of us. Why? It is because it is now a part and parcel of our daily lives. Can you imagine? Let me guess. Suppose you have a product. Now you want to sell it on the market. But people do not know about your brand new product. So what will you do? 

You will advertise your product so that you can reach your targeted customers. And your ultimate  result is to sell your product. This whole process has become very easy with the help of digital marketing. It will allow you to get your targeted customers, increase your sales and give you many more extra facilities. 

An expert Digital Marketer has high demand on the market, as well as on freelancing sectors. Check your clients on your comfortable freelancing marketplace and grab their offer. Complete it and they will pay you. Thus you can make money online. 

  1. Earn from virtual assistant: Does it astonish you? Me too. But the truth is you can be a virtual assistant. Wonder? Let me share some facts about it. 

Suppose you have an online shop. And you can’t control it by yourself. Now you need an assistant to help you. So what will you do? You will hire people for your work. Am I right? Here the people who will work as your assistant on your online shop are known as virtual assistants. 

Again, suppose you are running a domain hosting business. Each day thousands of people will talk to you. If you can’t control and answer all of the questions at the time you will lose your potential customers. That is why you need people as your virtual assistant. They will continue your business even in your absence. Even your virtual assistants can work from their home. Hehe. If you can be a virtual assistant you can earn money too from online. 

  1. Earn from Email Marketing: Email is the fastest communication method for both personal and business purposes. No matter where you are, you can send your files as attachment to anywhere in the world within a few seconds. 

Nowadays, using email for business purposes, for blogs is at a high level. If you open your account on any website, you will see they will send many promotional emails to you. This is called Email marketing. 

This marketing system is playing an important role to reach desired customers. But do you know how to do email marketing? To do this, you need to have many email accounts. And you can get this if you have a website or blog. Collect all of these emails and start your marketing. You can even sell your products through a proper marketing way. 

  1. Earn money online from selling photos: This is exactly what I wanted to say. You can make money by selling your amazing photos online. There are many platforms online to buy your amazing photos. 

Do you have a smartphone? Well, it is enough. Try to catch creative photos through your phone. If you think you can’t, check youtube videos of ‘how to make creative photos by phone camera’. Youtube will show you many results. Pick any of these results. 

Later try to catch some amazing photos. Then upload on selling sites and earn money. 

  1. Earn Money Online By Selling Your Courses: If you are expert on something (it could be anything such as digital marketing, email marketing, video editing, graphics design, web design, web programming etc), try to create professional video courses for online. 

Then sell your courses online and make money. There is no investment in this process. All you have to give is your hard work. There are many websites online where you can sell your courses. So don’t worry about selling. Just kkep up your good contribution. 

  1. Earn From Logo Design: DO you know what logo design is? Opps, what kind of question I’m asking you. We all know that a logo is very important for any organisation, business hub, or for any website. It represents a theme or concept. So, for this, every single institution wants to make a unique logo. 

And that is why the demand for logo design is really high in the marketplace. You do not have to invest in this if you want to learn logo design. You can learn all of these by yourself with the help of online. There are so many free courses available for you over online. You just need to find out yours and start learning, practising. 

Learn every single thing about logo design. Apply this in real life. Share your thoughts on forum sites. Make yourself an expert for this. Then rule the marketplace. You will earn a huge amount of money for sure if you can provide a creative and meaningful logo for your clients. 

  1. Social Media Poster Design: Social media is an important part for digital marketing. Because maximum digital marketing activities are completed for social media. Again, people are too active on social media platforms. This is the main reason why digital marketers target their customers through social media. 

On the other hand, small businesses are now running their business activities over social media platforms. They are trying to expand their ways to get customer engagement. 

To grab your desired customers you have to make creative posters for this. So guys, this is a chain where you will connect with a huge amount of members. If you can provide what your customers want, you will surely get more customers. 

In the market, the demand for social media poster designers is in a good range. So the thing is – you can earn money online without investment. Because, you can learn social media poster design from online. Check it out via Google or Youtube. 

  1. Earn From Refer: I am sure, you started to think for a while when you saw this point. But the thing is not what you are actually thinking. This point is almost connected to affiliate marketing. So, what is this actually? 

In short – go to a domain hosting providing site. Sign up there, get your refer code and then share it with your network. That’s simple. Whenever your referrer purchases anything with the link you provide, you will get your commission instantly. So this is the thing where you do not have to invest. 

How to earn money online in Bangladesh ?

So you are there to know more. If you are a Bangladeshi Guy, you must know the ways to make money online from Bangladesh. You can do freelancing, digital marketing, online multitasking etc to make money online in Bangladesh. And most of these are known as online earning site in bangladesh. However, I’m going to share a single tip from where you can make money online. 

Online Earning Site In Bangladesh

Check the listing below I have made for you guys – 

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • People per  hour 
  • Upwork
  • 99designs
  • Micro Workers

Not just these sites, there are more online earning sites in bangladesh. In another article, I will add all of these sites. So, till now stay connected with our blog.


This article is all about giving a better idea of ‘how to make money online?’. But there are more ways except the ways I have mentioned above. Select which one is suitable to you. And go for this. 

But remember guys, no matter what sectors you are going for, you need to be skilled by your smart work. Make the best use of your time and make yourself an expert for your comfort zone. 

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