Growth Hac*king or Growth Marketing? [Updated]

Are they individuals? No, these are the same thing. Growth hac*king is a new marketing concept that focuses on the growth of a business. This brand new marketing feature is not only used by the large businesses but also used by the small businesses on a large scale. 

As the name defines itself what it is actually,  therefore the Top Digital Marketing team lets you introduce some popular growth marketing definitions.  

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  • According to drift – Growth Marketing is the process of designing and conducting experiments to optimize and improve the results of a target area. If you have a certain metric you want to increase, growth marketing is a method you can utilize to achieve that.

According to clever tap –

  • Growth marketing is a data-driven approach that uses tests to determine how to optimize results.

So what do we learn from these definitions? Growth marketing is a process of making huge potential customers for the quick growth of your business. 

 Growth Marketing Strategies 

Every concept of digital marketing is more than important for a business. Especially, if small businesses want to create massive positive improvement for their business, digital marketing branches must do things. 

Why is growth marketing important for business?  

Do you notice something? Not only small businesses but also large and giant businesses also use the branches of digital marketing. Why do they use these concepts?  What is the reason behind using these tactics?  

 The main purpose of using these concepts of digital marketing is to get a better position in business with tons of customers. Growth marketing has the power to change the overview of your business within a short time. No matter what size of business you are running. Growth marketing helps you in all ways. 

What are the strategies of growth marketing? 

What kinds of techniques are used in growth marketing?  

These are the most vital questions. People want a quick growth for their business. They want huge customers and sales. The things growth marketing can do is to bring huge potential customers and create passive sales. 

On the other hand, growth markers know what kind of tactics are needed to create a successful flood of growth for business. Top Digital Marketing lets you introduce some of the best growth marketing strategies below – 

  1. The win-win strategy of Dropbox :  we all know about dropbox very well. Dropbox,  a file sharing site, gave a great opportunity to their customers. They offer their customers if they can refer other people to dropbox and if they sign up, Dropbox will give more space to these people for sharing their files. 

By applying this sharp minded strategy, Dropbox got  a meaningful growth.

  1.    Deliver a great product : what will happen if you advertise your product online and offline but your product does not appeal to the market? 

Thus the thing will happen is no one will see your product in the market and you will get 0 results. 

 Deliver your great product in the market and make sure that these are all visible perfectly. 

  1. Reward your audiences : the great way to create a potential growth for business is to reward your audiences. Start making any campaign and offer them to grab it. After successful participation, reward them. Thus you can get massive growth and many new customers too.  
  2. Strategy of minimum and maximum :  offer your product to your customers and place a limitation on it like 5% remaining/ 10% remaining. What will happen if you do this? 

Your customers started feeling the fear of missing out. It will create emotional responses from your customers. Thus they will attach more to your offer and purchase your product. 

  1. Let’s introduce Freemium : you must be surprised to hear the title. But the fact is you can increase your business growth by applying this model. How does it work? 

Let’s start giving some free services of your product. Make sure that these offers complete only the basic steps of learning or doing something. Left the advance level as a premium for your customers. Do you know how it will bring a massive impact on your growth? 

When a customer gets his basic ideas for free he will be ready to pay for the advance level. Without thinking twice he will buy your premium services. Thus you can attract your customers and can bring your growth to the next level.  

  These are the most common techniques of growth marketing,  the proven ways to apply in any business. 

Though we have learned some growth marketing strategies,  it will be more meaningful if we can learn the uses of growth marketing tools. It will sound good for us and also for those who are looking for growth marketing tools. 

Top Digital Marketing is ready to share with you some ideas of using tools of this marketing channel. 

  1. Traffic growth tools : every blogger and website holder knows the importance of traffic. The more traffic you have, the more you can increase your sales. Traffic growth tools can give you some extra advantage in this case. Here are some traffic growth marketing tools – 
  • Twilighter 
  • Colibri 
  • Mixrank 
  • Click to Tweet 

   By using these tools you can collect data of users from social media, and can get a better web presence. Not just these things, you can identify from where your competitors are getting traffic.  

  1. Market insight tools : maximum social media sites are now giving the opportunity to use their built-in  insight tools for marketers. Through these insights tools you can understand what  your users are looking for,  what they love the most,  what parts of your business they take the most. 

Top Digital Marketing lets you know some marketing insights tools. 

  • Mopinion 
  • Qualaroo 
  • Barometer of consumers 
  • Webengage 

    These tools allow you to get users feedback as well as data of device usage, internet usage,  user behavior and so on. 

  1. Email marketing tools : email marketing is a vital and the most important tool to generate target audiences. If you can generate exact  audiences you can improve your growth.  This is a very common and popular way that is used by most of the people. Some email marketing tools are listed below-
  • Mailchimp 
  • List build 
  • Aweber 
  • Sendgrid 

   These are the most used and popular email marketing tools by which you can collect email lists and can generate your potential customers for the better growth of your business. 

We have studied more about growth marketing and its tools. By implementing these you can take your growth to the next level. Many of us can use them only by reading some articles or by watching some videos.

 But what for those who are willing to use these but unable to do it? 

Top Digital Marketing suggests you to go for growth marketing courses. Do not be worried. We are giving you some growth marketing courses lists and their price below – 

  • Startup growth hac*king – 19 actionable and advance tactics | Udemy

price $0. 

  •  Learn how to get your first million users | Udemy 

price $19.99 

  • Hype Bomb – growth hac*king for startups | Udemy 

price $34.99 

  • The ultimate introduction to growth hac*king | Growth Hac*king Universities

price $85.56 

  • Learn to explode product growth in just one month | One Month 

price $199 

   The importance of growth marketing for business is taking a high place as more people are interested in it than those of previous. For a better improvement and to expand the strategies of growth marketing some conferences will be held in 2020. Let’s take a look – 

  • Growth Hac*king World Forum Disrupt. 

Place : New York, United States. 

Date : March 26 

  • Microconf Growth 

Place  :  Minneapolis, United States 

Date : April 19-21 

  • Hypergrowth London : London 

Place : London, United Kingdom. 

  •    Growth Hackers 

Place : San Francisco, United States 

Date : June 4

If you feel the necessity of growth marketing and if your business has what growth marketing exactly wants then we suggest you to use all the tactics of growth marketing.   

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