5+ Effective Ways To Create A Facebook Page

Facebook marketing, a part of social media marketing, has fantastic power to grow your business within a short time. All things are not so hard like climbing upon a hill. Having a facebook page can be the most effective and mind blowing way to promote your small business. As far as I can say, a facebook page for your business can convert your audiences into sales.

Hi guys, welcome to my blog. Today, in this article, I am going to discuss 5+ Effective Ways To Create A Facebook Page For Business.

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create a facebook page

The first step of facebook marketing is to create a facebook page. Do you know why I am saying this? Do you know how many active users per month on facebook?  Yee. It has almost 2.9 billion users per month. There are huge opportunities to reach targeted customers via facebook if you can perform a very well facebook marketing strategy. If you are running a small business, do not refrain yourself from facebook marketing.   

But one interesting thing to point out here. Having a facebook page is like you have

a website. Haha.  If you want to create a website, you have to pay for

this. But dear, facebook will not charge you for this.

 You can create a facebook page for free. Just log in to your account and click on the drop down menu. Then click on the “Create a page” button. Isn’t it simple? Yah, pretty much simple.

Well, I know you are thinking of asking me a question. I know what it is. The question is – what is the importance of creating a facebook page?

The answer is why you are refraining from having a facebook page in this modern era. Only a facebook page can help you to grow your business, to reach more people. It has the power to attract your audience. You can spread your ideas, your business facilities for your audiences through facebook page. You can offer them directly as well.

5+ Effective Ways To Create A Facebook Page For Business – small business promotion

Create A Facebook Page

Though creating a facebook business page is easy, you have to maintain something for a better clearance. In short, I am going to describe 5+ easy ways to create a facebook business page for your small business promotion- 

First step – The Beginning:

Click on the drop down menu. Then click on “create a page”. After doing that facebook will show you two options. First one is for “Business or Brand” and the second one is for “Community and public figure”. As we are running a small business we will go for Business or Brand. Click on the first option. 

After that, a new window will display on the computer screen. Here facebook will ask you to give your business name. Write your business name and then specify its category. 

Later click on continue. Wait for a while. 

 Second Step – Add Your Images:

A new window will appear on your screen. 

See the red marked zone? You have to upload photos for this. Use attractive or professional profile pictures and cover photos. It will be a better option to set your business logo along with your business banner. If you do not have any, you can capture a nice picture of your business. When you set a picture for a profile picture facebook will give you permission to adjust this picture. You can drag and drop your picture. 

After finishing your uploading photos your new 

Third Step – Username Selection:

 create a username for your business page. In this step you have to give a full description of your page. You can find it from page settings. Click on settings then click on page info. A page will display in front of you.

 Give a description of your business. Select your business categories. Generally, facebook keeps multiple contact information for business pages. Such as email, website, phone number, location. Provide all of these contact information so that people can find you easily. It will also help to build trust in you. 

A better option for you is to add a button on your page. A call-to-action process which is shown below your cover photo. You can add any action in this button such as sending you a message or learning anything about your business. Your audiences can only use the action you create with this button. 

After completing this section successfully facebook will display a message like this-

Fourth Step – Customise Features:

Now you complete your basic steps. Click on the page button. Here you will see options like offers, service, shop, reviews, photos, posts, videos, info and ads, about, events, live videos, communities, notes, groups, etc. Customise everything listed below the home button according to your choice. 

Fifth Step – Add Your Team Members:

If you will work alone then skip this point. But if you have the possibility to add more people for your business or currently you have a team working, you can set them for different positions. Facebook will show you options such as – admin, moderator, editor, advertiser and analyst. Choose wisely. Set your team members for each of these posts. Opps !! I forgot to tell you the important thing. From where you can set this?

 Go to page settings. Click on the page role and set everything.

Sixth Step – Publish Your First Post:

Time to publish your first post. Ready? My Suggestion to you is to wait for a while. Do you know the types of posts on facebook? Any single idea? 

Facebook has 6 types of posts. They are – 

1.Text Post: Most used and a plain posting method is text post method. Just write down anything on the statue bar and share it with your audience.

2.Image Post: This method allows you to post images relevant to your business. Image posts create more engagement than text posts. 

3.Video Post: Video post can help you make viral content. Because people share video posts most. If any of your offering videos went viral, you will hit massive sales. 

4.Link Post: Yee. This is to share any link. If you have a website or blog, you can share its contents on your page. BEfore posting it please check the relevancy between your blog content and your page niche. 

5.Live Video Post: Hot idea to get more engagement from your audiences instantly. Offer them by hosting live videos, boost your sales. 

6.My Story Post: A brand new idea to attract your page users. People who liked your page will see all of your my story/stories. Catch them to grow your business with my story. 

Bonus Tips : When To Post On Facebook?

Iee, it is simple to post images or videos on facebook at any time. But posting anytime may not be able to catch users attention. Do an experiment for this. 

Post several times on facebook. Check your insights from your facebook page. See when people are engaged most. Then apply this  method for some days and see the result.

Try to post twice when you can understand your users’ activities. I got a detailed idea about posting on facebook from Sumall. They said 1.00 p.m to 4.00 p.m is better to post on facebook. It may vary from country to country.

But  my suggestion for you is to try your own experiment according to your local time. Try to find the best time for engagement. Once you find that, you are all set. 

A Dangerous Tip For You

How To Delete Your Facebook Page?

Hola!!!, You are shocked now, right? Do not worry. There is a reason behind it. Many of us have old facebook pages or many inactive pages. These are in vain. We do not do anything with these facebook pages. If you reuse these pages, then fine. But we have a tendency to remove the old one and then we open a new facebook page. This post is for you if you do not know how to delete a facebook page. 

Can I start? This is a simple idea. Very simple. 

1. To do this, you have to log in to your facebook account if you are not logged in. 

2.After login, click on manage pages. Later all of you can see all of your facebook pages. 

3.Now click on the page name  which one you want to delete. Make sure that you are clicking on the right page. Do not be in a hurry. Take your time.

4.Go to a general option. Check the remove page option. Click on this. Later a pop up option will display. Facebook will ask you whether you want to delete it or not. Now click on the delete option. Facebook will delete your page permanently. 

Congratulations brother, you have done your task successfully. Now sleep asleep.

A picture is given below for you to understand this at a glance. 


So guys, what do you think? Is it hard to open a facebook page now? I think these 5+ Effective ways to Create a Facebook Page will help you understand everything in order to create a facebook page. 

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