How To Earn Money From Mobile Blogging 

Blogging is a very popular online income method nowadays. Some people take it as their passive income. However, if you have an android phone, this article is for you. In this article, I am gonna discuss how you can earn money from blogging. 

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There are many people who want to earn online, who want to maintain their daily costs from online income. That is why many people are now fond of online income. 

Check today’s articles topic- 

  1. Is it possible to earn money online? 
  2. Can you earn money online?
  3. Is it possible to make money online from Bangladesh?  
  4. Ways to make money online 
  5. ways of making money online from blogging 

A few years ago, people were in doubt that they could make money online. But at present, not only people but also thousands of businesses, organisations run their businesses online. People get many online earning ways. Online income is not a fairy tale, it is real. Many people earn and maintain their livelihoods from online income. 

So I hope all of you understand about online earning. 

You can earn money from youtube with the help of your smartphone. For this you need a verified youtube channel. That’s it. 

How easy is it to earn money from Bangladesh? 

Guys listen, no matter where you are if you can set up yourself and your plan you can generate money from anywhere in the world. It’s a simple and realistic way. 

Now I am gonna say something about earning money from Bangladesh.  There are many online platforms from where you can earn money online. You just need to find out about these platforms. Not only in Bangladesh but also you can work in foreign organisations if you are a skilled person. 

That is Why you need to prepare yourself for the Foreign platforms. 

How many ways are there of making money?

Now I’m going to discuss the ways of making money. Are you ready?

There are many ways to make money online. But I’m gonna share the most effective method with you guys. And this method is used for professional purposes. So what is this method?

This is Blogging. Yes, dude, blogging is the easiest way to earn money from blogging online. You just need to write effective and eye-catching articles for Your audience. 

Suppose, you do not have a laptop or desktop. That doesn’t mean you can’t continue your blogging journey. You can do blogging through your smartphone.  Thousands of people are blogging with their smartphones. Why can’t you do it if they can? 

You can do your blogging in 2 ways.

  1. With Paid Way
  2. with a free method.
  3. With paid way: Paid way means you need to buy domain hosting at first. After purchasing your desired domain you need to set a theme for your blog. You can go for a premium theme. Because premium themes have many options to customise. You can customise your theme as you want to. 

Check some advantages of premium themes-

  1. You can customise as your will
  2. premium themes are the best choice to do SEO
  3. You can add many plugins whenever you need 
  4. Premium themes can increase your earning in many cases. 

If you know how to customise a theme in WordPress, you can save some money. But Don’t worry if you can’t. You can hire a designer for this with a little money. 

Now the question is from where do you buy the domain? 

you can go for Namecheap, Hostgator, or Bluehost. If you are a Bangladeshi you can take the domain from Hostever. Their live support is just awesome. If you face any problem just knock them, they will solve it as soon as possible. 

  1. With free method: free method means you do all your things for free. If you Don’t have much money to purchase domain hosting you can try the free version. 

WordPress and bloggers are very popular for using free domains. You can easily make a website for free. Google is the owner of bloggers. So Don’t worry about it. Just look around you, you will see there are many people who earn money by using this free platform of google. As you want to earn online, your best choice will be a blogger. 

Do you know SEO plays an important role in Blogging? IF you know how to do SEO you are ahead of your success. 

The full meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. That means you have to optimise search engines to rank your content higher on search results. If people find your articles at the top of the search result people will come to your blog to read your article.

Thus your visitors will increase. But you will get fewer visitors if your articles are behind 2 or 3 no. pages of search results. Again the more visitors you have, the more income you can generate from Google Adsense. ( Earn From Google Adsense will discuss in another article ). This is why SEO is so important in blogging. 

Check Some Popular Niche Idea For Blogging

  1. Tech Blogging With Mobile: There are many tech blogs or websites nowadays. And it has high demand too. That is why the necessity of this niche will not decrease in future. If you love technology you can start a tech blog. 
  2. Tips Blog: Tips blogs are also popular to the people. Because they will get tips on many things. This is a very popular niche for bloggers. There are many types of tips blogs such as health tips, beauty tips.
  3. Food Review Blog: Here is another popular blog. If you are an expert in cooking you can write a very good review of food. You can write it for your blog. According to other niches I’ve mentioned above, the demand of this blog will not decrease too. 

What are the common earning methods from a blog?

Leave this, Now I am gonna share the ways of making money from a blog. Generally, there are many ways by which you can find out your income. Some common methods of blog income are listed below-

  1. Google Adsense: This is the most used and most popular income method used by all bloggers. This is a highly trusted platform to get your money by blogging. In Bangladesh 80% of bloggers earn from Google Adsense. 
  2. Earn from sponsor ads: besides Google Adsense, you can earn money from sponsor ads. For this, you just need to give some space to your blog for advertising. In this place other people will advertise their products on blogs. And for this reason they will pay you. 
  3. Earn from review: Already I’ve mentioned this thing above. You can write attractive product reviews for other companies/organisations on your blog. They will pay you for this.
  4. Earn from Affiliate Marketing: affiliate marketing is a popular earning method for many bloggers. This is a way of making passive income too. If you have a blog, you can make passive income by affiliate marketing. 

Guys I have written an article about affiliate marketing. You can check this –


NO more today. Need to finish my journey. If you find any problem or any wrong just write it down in the comment box.  Ta da. 

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