Career In Different Platforms [ 2024 Update ]

Career In Different Platforms – Web Design, Web Development, Graphics Design, Outsourcing/Freelancing

Guys, I hope all of you already understand what I am going to discuss today. We all know there are many sectors online which are really demandable. You can earn a huge amount of money from these sectors if you are skilled enough. Today I am going to discuss only 3 sectors ( web design, graphics design, web development  ) and about outsourcing/freelancing. Let’s start.

First, you have to keep in mind that you are going to enter a high competitive arena. Here, people from every place of this world participate.OKay guys, let’s start our gossip. 

Graphics Design

Designing jobs have high demand in the online marketplace. To work in the online marketplace you have to learn photoshop, illustrator work etc. Also you have to know how to make a logo, banner, button in image etc. But there is another thing. Try to learn PSD layout design because it has high demand now.

You will get many tutorials online about Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator. Try to learn these. Creativity is the main fact in graphics design. Try to create more new ideas with your creativity. And thus your design will be different and unique from others. You can learn graphics design easily. Spend ¾ hours each day to learn graphics design. 

Web Design

Web design also has huge demand in the marketplace. For this you have to learn html, css, javascript. And have basic ideas of photoshop. It will be far better if you can learn PSD to HTML. This section is also highly demandable in online marketplace. There are many resources online to learn web design. 

Do not go for a paid course at first. Try learning from free resources. Udemy, Alison are the best. You will get a huge amount of free courses in Udemy. Just have a look at this picture guys-

Like this picture you will get many courses. OKay? Now you may ask me How much time will it take to learn web design? So, if you spend ¾ hours per day, you will learn it within 6 months. Besides html and css, it will be better for you if you learn bootstrap, javascript and its framework jquery. With all of these things you can make a dynamic website. And it will look better. 

Not just these, try to learn Responsive design. Because responsive design is now very popular. To get a better user experience you must have to make your website responsive. 

Web Development or Programming

Like web design, web Development demands are also high. You need to learn programming for this (PHP, Python,, Java etc) . This is the core thing of development. Let’s see what you need to do to be a developer at a glance-

  • Try to learn any programming language ( try PHP )
  • Try to learn Database Design ( PHP and MySQL )
  • Try to learn Query. Try to solve Query with SQL
  • Learn how to use the API of some famous social sites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. 
  • Gather knowledge of server management 
  • Learn how to solve multiple developers’ jobs in a single project with Source Control like Git, Tortoise etc.
  • Learn as far as you can about different types of tools like Ajax, jquery, MySQL WorkBench, HeidiSQL etc. 

And not these things, you have to be super fast in web design. A well known developer is a master in web design. Hay. So do not give a shit in web design. 

You may learn web design in ⅚ months. But it takes more time to be a web developer. ( Minimum 2 or 3 years ). It depends on person to person. Because every person has a different learning method. Some people learn in a short time. Again, some people take a huge time to learn. So I hope you understand all of these things. 

Are you going to join an online marketplace? 

Hey dude. Stop. Try to learn every single thing at first. After that join the marketplace. Why so? If you do not have a clear idea of your work, it will make you disappointed and thus you waste your time as well as you will unable to fulfil your client’s demand. Do you understand the fact? 

How to learn Web Development?

There are many courses online. You can learn easily from these sites. W3Schools, Udemy are the best for it. But I think it will be better if you can learn it from any reputed institution/university. But remember one thing, learn every single thing on your journey. It will help you a lot in your work. 

So guys, I am going to stop my discussion here. See you in another article. Ta Da.

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