About Us

Hei this is me, Anup Deb Nath Rinku, a pending Billionaire ha ha. I love to write articles in my free time, love to edit videos, love to play games and so on.

There are many things I do on my free time. And the main thing of these things is to improve my income ability. You know what, I am a money lover guy.

People say – You can’t buy happiness with money. But these guys are so wrong, so funny. I do believe that you can buy happiness, smile with money. And I know many of you guys will not agree with me. But, this is not a big deal for me.

I said earlier, I am a money lover guy, this is why I always try to find ways to improve my financial situation. This world is so rude, if you have money you will see people smiling around you. Actually this is their original masks.

Why I say mask? Okay, suppose you are struggling and you don’t have enough money to do daily tasks. In this situation you will the real face of these people. The inner side of them will come out with that type of situation bro.

Money is Power, Money is The Backbone of Today’s Society. This is why I’m hungry to Gain More Money.